What Is Happiness All About?

April 16, 2016


Happiness – which was once referred as the “forbidden fruit” is now something that every single one of you out there can have a taste of!


Don’t take us the wrong way. With a tint of freshness and a whole lot of craziness, we, at The Pink Mango Project, have decided to come up with a mission to bring a revolution in your life. Okay, don’t be all serious now, as the project won’t require you to change.


We won’t make you jog six miles in the morning to make you lose your beloved beer belly. We won’t even ask you to get dressed up. This is not a date... well, in a way it is! Consider it as a date with yourself.


We want you to define happiness for yourself. The reason is pretty simple! Happiness is a subjective term. Your reason for happiness can be ordinary for someone else. Ask someone about the meaning of happiness in their life, and they will come up with a wide range of answers. Some would say that happiness is getting a dream job or a new car, or even getting married (because often happiness is synonymous with true love)!


But we don’t want you to come up these answers. We want you to ask this question to yourself by taking you on a date. This is one kind of date that won’t require you to wear your best outfits or cooking a meal. All you need to do is take some time out of your schedule and have a look in the mirror. Breathe in. Breathe out. Put the weight down. Have no baggage to stop you. Let go of everything that is holding you down. Stare a little closer and see this amazing individual standing right in front of you.


This should be the reason for your happiness. Do whatever in this whole wide world you want to do to make this person happy.


If partying till morning makes you happy, do it. If visiting exotic places make you happy, then go out and have the time of your life. If wearing old fashioned clothes and dancing in your bedroom while singing at the top of your voice makes you happy, then do the singing, my friend! Because it is just one life to live and at the end of the day, you don’t want to have any regrets.


Are you still confused about what is that one thing that makes you so damn happy? Take a ride with the Pink Mango Project and figure it out.


The philanthropists involved with us are always coming up with exciting activities for the people of Dubai, helping them identify that sometimes happiness can be found in the smallest of things.


Covered by reputed names in the media like Rishtey Asia and City 1016, it is one such project that aims in making U.A.E, the world’s nation one smile at a time. 



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