10 Tips For Living A Happier Life

April 23, 2016


No. It’s not rocket science at all. In fact, it is as easy as it sounds. You don’t have to worry about your money, your marital status, or even your age in order to start living a happy life. Want to know a few hacks to make your life even happier, why don’t let us - the experts of Pink Mango Project help you with some tips!


1.    Gratitude

This is one thing that is forgotten by most of us. Every once in a while, try to stop whatever it is that you are doing and have a look around your space. Be grateful for everything you have – for living such a great life and having a healthy body and mind.


2.    Start loving yourself

If you do not love yourself, then how can you expect someone else to love you? No one in this whole wide world can play your part better than yourself. It is high time you realize that and put your priorities before anything else.


3.    Be optimistic

Try to always see the glass half full (even when it isn’t!). Our thoughts are reflected in our actions. Make sure that you have positive ones to inspire not just yourself, but the people around you as well.


4.    Do what you love

If you are not happy with your job, then you certainly can’t be happy. Never let your passion die, and go for that one thing that you can do your whole life without getting monotonous.


5.    Be creative

Never let that much-needed creativity leave your side. Even if you have to paint double ended rainbows or browse #cats on Instagram to get your muse.


6.    Stop Multi-tasking

Some people might consider multi-tasking a good thing, but we recommend you to concentrate on thing at a time and then focus on the other. Move one step at a time and don’t juggle your life around. It’s always good to be a king of one thing than being a jack of all trades.


7.    Balance work and life

It is really important to give enough time for everything in your life. Don’t let your work hinder your personal life or vice-versa.


8.    Learn to forgive

You should stop holding grudges and start forgiving people. Just because someone did a bad thing, doesn't make them a bad person.


9.    Embrace your present

You can’t go back to your past and undo it. You can’t even travel to your future. But you have your present and you can start living in it. Because this moment. Right here. This will never come again!


10.    Travel

It is like breathing for the soul. Don’t wait any more, and travel with your friends and family. If you can’t find anyone, go travel alone and get to see a whole new side of you. Pack your bags and have a great time!


Happiness comes when you think from your mind but keep your heart along with you in the journey. Its the feeling when you are on a diet and up comes the ice cream truck! Don't skip the feeling, embrace it; for this is exactly what will help you all along your path of success and prosperity. 



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