Tips to make a UAE Traffic drive - Happy and Productive.

April 30, 2016


Almost all of us drive or travels every day in the traffic to commute. Depending on your destination, you might be spending a few minutes to even a few hours of your day in the traffic.

We asked a few friends about what they do to kill time, and their replies were... well, here’s what they said:


“I try to look around and always stay alert. I want to see what people around me are doing.” *stalker alert*


“I just keep on thinking about my day and how am I related to the world. You know, how all of are going the same way, just separately.” *philosopher alert*


It doesn’t matter if you are a deep thinker or someone who likes to keep things organized, but this is such a great time to do other productive things. You can develop a hobby, works toward your passion, or even sort out your life while driving (and getting stuck in the traffic).


1.    Make a To-do list

This is probably the easiest and most essential thing that everyone should do while they are halted in the traffic. Open your smartphone and complete your to-do list in order to take the first step to beat the lethargic in you. If you are driving and can’t type, you can simply put some voice notes there.


2.    Listen to an Audiobook

There are a lot of apps available that can simply help you listen to some of the best and interesting audiobooks. You can even use Podcast or anything at all to suit your requirements. This will set a perfect ambience for you to escape the bustling traffic and enter a world of your own.


3.    Read

When you are simply stuck there and have nothing else to do, you can read some of the informative posts that you have bookmarked earlier. You can also open your favourite website and read some of those light-hearted viral articles to make yourself feel better. Just don’t forget to drive when the traffic gets clear!


4.    Set up new goals

From Fitbit step goals to thinking of new life goals, the time can actually be utilized to do some deep thinking and know where your life is going. You can make some new goals for yourself and make your way to work on them.


5.    Social media check

Checking all those notifications, replying to every pending messages, and browsing the feeds can be done easily when you are not driving, but are simply waiting for the traffic to get clear.


6.    Learn a language

Yes! You can even learn a whole new different language while driving. It might sound difficult, but trust us, it’s not. It’s a tried and tested thing. There are a lot of apps that can help you learn a new language with a few minutes of practice every day.

7.    Relax

When you are in the middle of traffic and is coming back home after a hectic day, all you need is a few minutes of relaxation to clear your mind. Turn on some soothing music and close your eyes to escape the world. Of course, don’t try to practice this stunt when the traffic gets clear as you are supposed to move.


Who knew that you could do so many things while driving in order to make your commute productive, right?


Now, you don’t have to look around or be an irrational thinker while driving. Instead, you can do something really productive and bring a much-needed change in your life by doing the above fruitful activities when you are driving or in the middle of a slow moving traffic.  


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