About Us

In the bolt towards success and growth, we forget to respect the very basic rule of life; happiness. We at Pink Mango celebrate the same by organizing different events and celebrations across Dubai. We are a group of young , hardworking working individuals that pool our own disposable incomes and give it away to the world in a way different than others.

We are simply a project that aims to make Dubai a one very happy city - think hugs, roses and fun, frolic and food with a difference. 

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info@pinkmangoproject.com  -  055 553347004

Why The Name?


Pink has always been seen as a bold color representing care and affection towards different causes worldwide. Mango on the other hand is a (people’s) fruit of common choice, resembling people from all cultures and ethnicity. In a nutshell, Pink Mango is for anyone and everyone who believes in the idea of happiness and sharing it with people all around. 


What's our Story?


The project is a simple thought of few young minds wanting to contribute towards the happiness and well being of the society. The project is aimed to support the countries vision in clinching the title of the World's Happiest Nation. 



A diwali celebration setup, designed at a camp with over 1000 laborers. Lights, Sweets, Gifts & a festive vibe all across to celebrate the festival.

Pink Mango Project is a consortium of individuals that celebrate the idea of happiness and try to spread the same across the city. We are not a NGO of any sort, just a project that tries to make the community a little more happier than it already is, one smile at a time. Rohit Sharma, Founder

Email: info@pinkmangoproject.com     Dubai, UAE

Pink Mango Project