UAE’s First Minister of Happiness

April 9, 2016


The way people perceive the world in which we all live is changing drastically every day – from natural to political grounds, the change is prominent everywhere. One of such events has been witnessed in the beautiful city of Dubai, where Ohood Al Roumi has been appointed as UAE’s first minister of happiness.


A post that is one of its own kinds has certainly created a buzz in the entire world, setting an example to every other country. We live in a world where the need for happiness is largely forgotten and people don’t realize how great and valuable this emotion could be. In order to achieve prosperity and contentment in the country, the post was created by the government.


Happiness is one of the major key points to measure any country’s human development index, which doesn’t directly relate to its development or military power.

At the end of the day, if the citizens of any country are not happy, then there won’t be any reason behind its technological advancement or academic pool.


The minister has quoted in one of her interviews as, “Happiness is a serious job for governments. For us in the UAE, happiness is very important. I am a very happy and positive person and I choose to be happy every day because this is what pushes me, this is what motivates me, this is what gives a sense of purpose to my life, so I always choose to see the glass half full."

In order to create awareness among the mass about the significance of happiness, several campaigns on the digital as well as print media have been executed in the recent days, asking people “what makes you happy?”


As simple as the question sounds, it is not that easy task to come up with a genuine answer. Here, at The Pink Mango Project, we would like to achieve the same by giving the citizens of Dubai a taste of happiness and making them see the glass half full.


Happiness can be found in the most unexpected places, and with various philanthropists that are included in our project, our aim is to align our mission with that of our cherished minister in order to make Dubai the happiest city in the world. Initiating from Dubai, we would like to cover the whole UAE and make our citizens realize how easy one can find happiness.


Currently, according to the United Nations Happiness Report, the UAE ranks as the worlds happiest Arab nation.  


With an aim to make the UAE the happiest country in the world, the minister of happiness has already come up with various campaigns and plans that will showcase their colors. 


Know more about the smart dubai initiative here:




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