Why is Dubai called the BIG city ?

May 16, 2016


Dubai thinks BIG. It dreams even BIGGER.


Do you ever wonder how Dubai became the city it is at present?


Well, it is all because of its people. Almost 96 percent of people who stay in Dubai are immigrants. Yes, it is really hard to believe, but it is for real! Dubai puts even NYC’s count of 37 percent immigrants to shame!


It is UAE’s second largest city and although the probability of someone getting lost is high, considering its huge radius, it won’t happen! If you are in Dubai, you will never be lost. The city has a state of the art infrastructure and it is extremely easy to navigate Dubai – without that GPS connection of yours.



They say that is a city of dreams, of hard work, and perseverance. If you really want to fly, then Dubai is that one place where you should be. It will not only give you wings to fly but will also give you that much-needed push. It will be the wind beneath your wings and will let you chase your dreams.


You can be anyone you want in Dubai. It will offer a limitless range of possibilities. Although, when you are busy flying, try to be a little cautious! Dubai’s skyline really touches the sky and you might bump into one of those astonishing skyscrapers that kiss the wind and talks to the moon all night long.



When people think of Dubai, they think of a larger than life experience. It is certainly not a stereotype because people of Dubai really know how to live. The city hosts some of the best hotels, restaurants, malls, and markets in the world. From Burj Khalifa to Palm Islands and Burj Al Arab to The Emirates Towers, each and every place in Dubai speaks luxury. The city really knows how to spend and live a BIG life.


A shopper’s paradise, it is known as the shopping capital of the world for a reason. If you are a shopaholic like me, then you might think twice before visiting Dubai, because the city will be your fairytale fantasy. It will offer you everything – EVERYTHING that you have ever dreamt of. You will lose control and end up making some of the best purchases of your life. You will romance with your credit card like never before. Don’t worry!  This will be a therapeutic experience!


When you are in Dubai, you will see a change in yourself – a good one. Everybody is somebody in Dubai. You will certainly make your presence count in the growing city of Dubai. A city that sparkles brighter than the sun, it inhabits people that are hotter than its weather.


If you are still wondering what makes Dubai so BIG, you got to come and visit it. As Dubai is not just a city, it’s a feeling. An emotion that will get you hooked, right from the moment you step into its lap of luxury, and will keep coming back to you, letting you escape in all its grandeur.




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