Project Timeline


Our very first project aimed at getting over 100 laborers from across Dubai for a weekend experience of their lifetime. They got a chance to visit 'At The Top' Burj Khalifa followed by a buffet lunch at 'The Walk' JBR. The day ended with a private movie screening at VOX.


The project was carried in Dubai and had 100+ laborers from different job fields, from construction to cleaning were offered a weekend experience they never would have dreamt of.


The event was held on 5th Feb, 2016 and was duly supported by various volunteers throughout the day. The project was privately funded without any corporate sponsorship. 'Pilot' is one of the many upcoming events that have been tailored towards the mission of the project.

Project Video

The 'Pilot' was designed aiming to capture the lively spirits of this working class that is the true reason behind the countries success and growth. The support from all the entities involved was overwhelming and truly celebrated the spirit of the city. The project was the perfect kick start to goal PMP seeks to achieve.


Living at the world's happiest Arab Nation well quoted by UN; we thought of spreading some joy with our very own bag of happiness. We moved around the city asking people, what really makes them happy and also distributing thousands of stress balls and flowers.


The purpose of this event was to bring a few odd moment of happiness into people's life and making them stop and realize how small silly things have such a big impact on our very own lives. 

'The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.' – Ashley Montagu


A change for anyone & everyone around the city to gift their loved ones a free Bag Of Happiness filled with goodies and a true sense of happiness. 

The free deliveries were supported by a courier company based in Dubai. More than 500 bags were gifted across the city to friends & family through the web-based application form; also helping users add their own personal message to every bag together with videos & images. The idea of the event was to help people cheer up their loved ones making their day special and a memorable one.

In this holy month of Ramadan, we took a bunch of hard working and highly enthusiastic laborers for iftaar. With the joy of the occasion, the team tried to brighten their evening with games and spot prices.


Few laborers sang their favorite songs while some were busy with their selfie sticks trying to capture the perfect smile.

Ramadan is a festival of kindness and prosperity, a month in which people do not see gains within, but serve selflessness for the greater good of others. 



Diwali 2016, we celebrated the festival of lights with a few camps, a home to around 2,000 laborers across the area. The camps were lit up with lights & decorations to give the laborers a homely experience of the festival. 

The idea of the event was to give a movement true happiness on the faces of these laborers after a long stressful day at work. With boxes of sweets and new clothes, the event was bagged with many games & exciting gifts to their surprise. 


The UAE’s President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has declared 2017 as the Year of Giving throughout the nation. Project PEN ( Peace, Education & Neutrality ) is driven towards the UAE's social - intent of the year 2017 - 'The Year of Giving'.

Eyeing the idea of happiness, we believe that happiness is shaped by 2 things; the attitude & gratitude in one’s life. One, having a optimistic mindset, the way we react to various situations in life no matter how difficult they may seem to be .Secondly, the notion of being grateful for the little things in life and paying that forward to those who need them the most. Project PEN backs the same concept & belief of giving back to those who need it the most in however small or big way possible.


Recipients of the Donation Drive

The recipients of this donation drive will be the several refugee camps under the Red Crescent umbrella. The collection has been templated in a way that it covers all basic necessity of a school going child right from school bags to tiffin boxes, also covering basic stationary items. The project PEN (Peace, Education & Neutrality) eyes a motto towards liberating young souls that get severely get impacted by national conflicts that not only damage their entire childhood, but also impact their sole right to basic education. Just like the PEN, these 3 principles truly determine the future of any nation in literal sense.

The collection has been undertaken under the umbrella of Red Crescent - License No 291 of Islamic Affairs & Charity Department

Supported By :

Total Collection - 1,032 Kg

A World Earth Day Initiative - Spreading some smiles across kids, getting to plant their own sapling for the vert first time. 

Around 150 students from over 4 schools took part in the plantation exercise marking the Earth Day and taking their very own plants back home to nurture them. The event was organised by the Dubai-based Desert Group, the region’s leading horticulture and landscape firm, in collaboration with Pink Mango Project. 

Driving the Ramadan spirit of Happiness & prosperity, we celebrated it with those who probably deserve it the most. A distribution setup was arranged to give away item of basic iftar necessity such as Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Tea & Oil to around 350 laborers.

To bag their experience with a little more delight, we tied up with &, 2 well known web service portals in the region to give away meals prepared by top chef's in the country also with deserts such as cupcakes to add a bit of sweetness to their fasting days after their daily hard work.


Project Happy Coins 

We experience different acts of kindness in our everyday lives and we often simply forget these gestures. With Project Happy Coins, get a change to celebrate such acts in our own sweet way.

If you witness any act of kindness, nominate that for a happy coin. These coins act like a virtual currency in our website through which the nominee can order various gifts based on the coin value he earned. The value of the coin dispatched is decided internally by the team based on how big or small the act is.The gifts range from lego mugs, PMP T-shirts, movie tickets & even vouchers to Dubai parks.

Delivery of both coins & gifts are completely free to all users throughout UAE aiming to promote such beautiful acts of humanity.

An Arabic cover song sung by 3 blue collar labors from UAE celebrating the spirit of the nation on occasion of the 46th UAE National Day.

The song Emrarty Salam was originally sung under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education - UAE. The project was an attempt to re-create a version of the song that celebrates the diversity & openness that residents of this nation rejoice. The song was recorded with support of Smartlife Foundation, UAE featuring - an Indian labor, who works as a security guard at the Dubai parks, An Bengali labor who works at  a construction company & a Philippino labor who is still between jobs. 


The time of Christmas is always a festive one & we thought of celebrating 2017 with kids from Senses Dubai - a day care center for kids with special needs based in Dubai made under the order of HH Shk Mohammed.

We tried to create the festive vibe of Christmas not only through games & gifts but also with our very own Santa and a Christmas tree setup especially for them. To bring some light to the event, we also had a local hula-hoop talent showcasing her skills in front of the kind souls. To wrap up the lovely experience, we also got the kids a cheat lunch of their favorite fast food items for an occasional delight. 


Life on this Earth has been blossoming in its colorful forms, and humans have emerged on top of the pyramid scale. But as we progress up the ladder, so did the resources we have been extracting from Earth. Project Green in its small way, tries to celebrates the nature by having over 250 kids from across Dubai plant their own sapling every year in celebration towards World Earth Day.


Though maybe little as it seems in reversing what has been done, the initiative aims to instill in young minds what could still be achieved. Because in PMP we believe that even small hands can change the world. 💕

All Heroes don’t wear a cape or appear in movies and comic books only. You can see some cleaning up the city streets, at great heights building the impossible & also outside your door guarding it.

This Ramadan, help us celebrate these true unsung heroes with our friends at joi.

joi gifts partnered with the Pink Mango Project in Dubai to make it easy for you to give something special to those less fortunate during Ramadan. A diverse gift hamper of your choice will be delivered to a laborer and you will receive a picture once delivered.

Why paint the town red if you can paint it in rainbow colors? We at Pink Mango Project are conducting a free Happiness workshop to help people de-stress with calmness, colors & coffee all across the month of December. The project aims at giving the city folks a chance to recover from their week of stress packed with deadlines & office rituals to a Friday where they can express themselves with acrylic colors on art papers & clay pots.

The project is first of it kind hosting people of all ages to express their true creative spirit. The setup with free beverages & snacks provides a relaxed ambience allowing people to stress detox in a fun unique way.